Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference: SVAC

Updated: Jul 26

Eve Mendoza – Yoga of Chandra Graha (COTTONWOOD ROOM) Some of you may have heard, “Chandra Graha has no enemies” quoted by our classics. Chandra Graha has no bias towards any life experience and all life experience is contained within his waxing and waning. As the pure manifestation of reflective and receptive intelligence, whether the experience is high or low, bad or good, Chandra gives no resistance to that. Uccha or Neecha, on a throne or in a grass hut, honored or shamed, the pure, receptive Chandra Graha will always adorn the head of Mahadeva Shiva in tranquility. It is said that roga (illness) begins with raga (disturbance in the stillness | motion) and that Shiva is Adi Vaidya (the original doctor). Chandra Graha may be witnessing the grief of Shani or the unstable dynamic of Rahu and still remain 'full' if he recognizes that he is all the time resting on the head of Mahadeva Shiva through steady concentrated, devotion. This awareness is never corrupted, no matter what this awareness witnesses. The humility to meet life’s challenges with this grace is a feature of the wisdom offered by Chandra Graha.

The Maratha Sant Tukaram, who suffered immense material misfortune but became one of the Gurus to Chhatrapati Shivaji said, “Forget the body like one absorbed in music. Like an upward moving fountain, rise. Entertain no idea whatsoever except a single one; Hari.” Join me to discuss the unique expressions of Chandra Graha related to your specific chart without fear, without terminology of auspicious or inauspicious.