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Surya + Agni: Scratching the surface on a deeper view of the sthira atmakaraka in Jyotish:

In philosophical and spiritual communities the idea of Self-Realization is often discussed. In Jyotish Shastra, the indicator of self | soul | atma is Surya (Sun). He is also called Kaal (Time) and is stated to be the atma or soul of the Kaalpurush (Cosmic Time Person). Each individual is said to be a minor Kaalpurush or time-person.

Moon (Soma) is given more importance as janma karaka and manas karaka (indicator of reason for birth; the timing of release of karmaphala (fruits of karma) of this present life time and the condition or state of manas -- there is no solid translation for manas in English but close would be 'mind and mental tendencies', (very loose interpretation).

Moon is that which is consumed by Kaal Devata - Time Deified (Moon is refered to as Devabhojana, food of the gods). This is profound if we consider what the Rishis may be eluding to here. Both Sun and Moon are given intimate connection to our waking, dreaming and sleeping state, which the Rishis also encouraged us to observe carefully in Yogic texts.

As I know nothing of what soul or atma truly means, I will steer away from the attempt to define that Mystery. I also do not wish to dwell on themes such as ego (commonly discussed with Surya Graha). Please forgive me for dodging these two popular topics. Let's journey away from psychological topics here as they may stumble into a correctional way of thought and we may lose some of the more valid essence only a neutral ear can enjoy.

I simply wish to provoke your own investigative intelligence by highlighting the classical texts available to us from the Rishis. Next year I hope to dive deeper with all of you into some of the less discussed indicators of the Grahas.

(Forgive the poor quality of video as it was a thumbnail. Thank you.)

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